OhanaLink Technologies: A Mobile Technology Solutions Company

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Featured Tenant Spotlight from the eCenter Business Incubator

OhanaLink Technologies™ was created by Founder and CEO, Kara Wasser, banking executive turned entrepreneur, who personally experienced the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event. After missing the birth of her niece due to missed group text messages, Wasser set out to create first in the market mobile technology that bridged the gaps in communication during very critical life changing moments.  It began with one simple idea – to create a single platform that was private and secure with the ability to select and connect with your own “network” of family and friends.  Wasser turned her idea into a woman-owned technology development company that designs mobile solutions for individuals and businesses enabling them to easily adopt problem-solving technology and seamlessly implement it into their daily lives and workflows. Headquartered in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, OLT has developed a proprietary technology platform that allows users, who have not historically depended on technology, to easily onboard and quickly integrate mobile apps into their daily lives and/or workflows. The user-centric platform is host to a menu of technology solutions that are designed to increase efficiencies and improve effectiveness for end users predominately for social service providers, health care consumers, and organizations.

Social Care Solutions- “Our mission is to develop social care mobile tools that positively impact communities. We partner with agencies and organizations, such as domestic violence agencies, to help improve communication and enhance access to support for clients.”

Customized Solutions- “Our platform enables your business, agency, or non-profit organization to implement mobile technology to improve efficiencies and streamline communications- all on smartphone devices.”

Health Care Solutions- “From pre-pregnancy through senior care, out suite of solutions is designed to enhance the patient and family experience by providing private, easy-to-use “virtual waiting rooms” that connect their “Ohana,” or family and friends.”

For more information, visit www.ohanalink.com