Board of Directors

The eCenter@LindenPointe board members represent a diverse community of business professionals and share in their understanding of the process of entrepreneurship.
2023 01 24 jeff barker bod ecenter 684x684 1

Jeffrey Barker

LDC Board

Executive Vice President at Life Brokerage Distribution at Duncan Advisor Resources

2023 01 24 craig columbus bod ecenter 684x684 1

Craig Columbus

LDC Board

CEO at Columbus Macro, LLC

richard epstein

Richard W. Epstein

VP/Governance Chair

Partner at Ekker, Kuster, McCall & Epstein, LLP working with civil litigation and business planning

2023 01 24 jereme frey bod ecenter 684x684 1

Jereme Fry

LDC Board

Vice President at Confluence Advisors

tyler hudson

Tyler Hudson

Fundraising Chair

Founder and Partner of Hudson Student Housing, LP and Partner of Hudson Companies

frank mindicino

Frank C. Mindicino, CFP

Strategic Chair

Managing Partner, Practice Growth Partners

2023 01 24 sarah palmer bod ecenter 684x684 1

Sarah Palmer

Treasurer/Finance Chair

Senior Commercial Lender at Mercer County State Bank

john rose

John W. Rose

LDC Board

Partner at Dedicated Funding and Founder at CapGen Capital Advisors

brian slawin

Brian Slawin

LDC Board

Regional Director and Portfolio Manager at Ben Franklin Technology Partners