Providing local high school seniors with a unique, school year long, immersive experience to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as the confidence to be successful in an ever-changing, global economy

About the eAcademy @ LindenPointe

The core value of the eAcademy is a lean methodology-based curriculum, as well a road map and detailed instructions on classroom activities. The curriculum is a combination of nationally-acclaimed programs, publications, and lessons that are specifically tailored for a high school student.


Real World Experiences

Speakers with diverse backgrounds and skill sets are also invited to engage with the students to impart real life lessons, and to provide an opportunity to work on actual projects within their organizations, either in the form of internships or as seed ideas for business creation.

Life Skills

Students participate in field trips to small, medium and large businesses in diverse predetermined fields that are local to the region. Key life and career skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, communication, ethics, etc. are integrated into each aspect of the eAcademy.

Business Plan Creation

Students will form teams and work on a business idea (product or service), develop a business plan and create a working prototype. Training will also include additive manufacturing (3D Printing), website creation, etc. The student teams will pitch their final businesses in a Y-combinator-style “Demo Day” to investors and the community.

Student Stories

“The eAcademy put my strengths into perspective and showed the reality of entrepreneurship.”

Christian Walker

Class of 2016, Farrell High School

“Traditional high school prepares you for college – the eAcademy prepares you for life.”

Bradley Metts

Class of 2018, Mercer High School

“In the eAcademy, your failures won’t seem like failures, just tiny steps to success.” Nicole French

Class of 2017, Hickory High School