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The incredible team of Lydia Aiupyy (Hickory ‘23), Joseph DeRaleau (Union ‘23) & Natalie Ostheimer (Sharon ‘23) recently won first place at the eAcademy’s Demo Day pitch competition. The eAcademy is an entrepreneurship program that teaches high school seniors small business management. Winning $1,350.00 in cash, consultations with finance, legal, and social media advisors, continued mentorship from the eAcademy Program Director, Katie Parr, and a spot as a co-worker in the eCenter Business Incubator, these young entrepreneurs have decided to continue their startup journey.

They have recently applied for their LLC and Shared Kitchen Facility agreement (and are awaiting approval on both), but you can already find their Google Business Page, Facebook Business Profile, and Instagram Business Profile active online. They have also added a fourth member to their team, Antonio Faraone (Union ‘22), of New Castle, PA. They will be partnering with Faraone Brothers, Inc, Antonio’s family catering business, to utilize their industrial kitchen to craft their Incrediballs.

They state, “Our solution to the messy, bland, and sugar-packed traditional granola bar is to create a bite-sized, nutritious, and delicious granola ball. Our snack is hand crafted to fit your busy schedule. Customers can choose from a variety of flavors curated with the best ingredients with your overall health and wellness in mind.”

With great enthusiasm, they have introduced their first three official flavors: Base Balls, Island Balls, and Zesty Balls!  They have been working on additional recipes with over a dozen flavors in the works thus far and hope to introduce more to the market once their brand is more widely recognized.

Their Base Balls, a delectable peanut butter pretzel balls, emerged as a protein-packed treat crafted from rolled oats, granola, peanut butter, honey, and gluten-free pretzels. Transporting taste buds to a tropical paradise, their Island Balls are infused with chocolate and coconut, evoking the sensation of a blissful vacation. They are skillfully prepared using rolled oats, granola, coconut shavings, sea salt, hazelnut spread, and honey. The final addition to their trio of granola balls are the Zesty Balls, a refreshing snack that combines rolled oats, granola, dried blueberries, almond butter, honey, lemon zest, and lemon extract, creating a harmonious burst of flavors.

Recently, Incrediballs accomplished a significant milestone by fulfilling their first official order from the Olympic Fun Center for the national skating competition that was held on June 14th. They sold 200 packs of Incrediballs! The feedback they received was nothing but positive and we hope that after reading this article, you, too, will help support these young, local entrepreneurs and order some Incrediballs!

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If you’d like more information on the eAcademy program, please reach out to Program Director, Katie Parr, at