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Become an eAcademy Sponsor Today!

The Entrepreneurship Academy Program is an innovative educational program focused on three main goals: building relationships, building community, and building businesses. The eAcademy is one of three programs overseen by the eCenter at the LindenPointe Development Corporation in Hermitage, PA.

Our classroom has 25 students from 11 local school districts, as well as the Pennsylvania Homeschool Accreditation Association, across both Mercer and Lawrence Counties. During their first semester here, they learn about Entrepreneurship- both the mindset and the practice. Students are then put into small startup teams to learn Small Business Management skills second semester as they journey through MIT’s “Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup” curriculum.

Mid-way through the school year, students compete in their first pitch event, Dolphin Tank- like Shark Tank, only nicer. They will have an opportunity to practice their elevator pitch in front of a live panel of judges. If they are successful, they win the opportunity to present a more detailed business plan at the end of the year at our Student Startup Showcase… and a chance at the $5,000.00 prize!

Students at the eAcademy are supported by a large network of regional experts, local entrepreneurs, community leaders, business owners and CEOs. They are mentored by at least one guest speaker each month and frequently travel off-site to tour businesses right here in their backyard. At the eAcademy, learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom.

Not all of the eAcademy student may end up becoming an entrepreneur, but they will all learn to think like one. eAcademy students strive to become exemplary young adults equipped with 21st century skills including: leading by influence, initiative, time-management, analyzing information, creative problem-solving, effective communication, active listening, soft skills, collaborating with diverse personalities and knowing that everyone has value to offer in the workplace.

As a non-profit, the eAcademy program is funded largely by school tuition, private donations, and business sponsorships. We’d love to sit down with you and further discuss the three main goals of the eAcademy and how we might work together to ensure a successful future partnership. If you or anyone you know might be interested in sponsoring our program, please see the attached form below.


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