When You Lose All Motivation

My muse comes and goes without warning.  It is hard to know when inspiration will call and it is usually at the most inconvenient of times.  What do you do when you are drained of all motivation and all creativity?  The simple answer has taken me almost two decades to discover.  The principle is that your physical body and the physical world around you reflect your mental, emotional, and creative spirit.

What this means simply is that if you are feeling down, your body will display this by slouching your shoulders, putting your head down, and lowering your eyelids.  When this becomes a habit, one can slip into depression with worse physical signs such as headaches, sleeping issues, appetite problems, and others.  Less extreme than depression however, one can feel perfectly content but just lack inspiration and creativity for long periods of time.  To counter this down feeling, lift your shoulders up, raise your chin, let yourself feel poised and confident, and most importantly, smile.

A lack of creativity could be defined simply as a lack of goals.  Many people wake up in the morning and they think of a list of tasks that they must work on that day.  This attitude can set you on a disastrous path because it is work-based and not goal-based.  When you create long term and exciting goals that truly speak to your spirit, you are able to develop smaller, more manageable goals that are less laborious than they would have been if you saw them as merely more work to do.

The physical world around you can deeply affect the way that you perceive yourself and the way that you are inspired.  Next time you are lacking inspiration, say out loud or in your head specific parts of the world around you.  What is the temperature of the air surrounding you?  What color are the walls around you?  Can you see trees and grass?  The more observant you become of your environment, the more you will pick up on minor details that you overlooked once before.  The answer to inspiration is in the details.   Get yourself comfortable; make a cup of your favorite green tea, sit in a comfortable chair, wear relaxed clothing, make the space around you cozy, and loosen up your mind.

With a comfortable working environment, your goals set before you, and your physical body reflecting peacefulness, you will be much more inclined to expand your creativity in all aspects of your life.  You will gain control over your inspirational spirit and be able to more fully develop your ideas.  I encourage you to dream your goals to their full potential and to not limit yourself with any preconceived doubts about yourself.  Create your own world for yourself to live in, be happy, live creatively, and help others and you will be set free from the rest of the world’s vicious cycles.