Throughout my childhood I can recall many of my friends and schoolmates saying ” I’m bored and there’s nothing to do in this area.” While I agreed sometimes simply because I was bored, I have begun to realize that I flat out disagree with this statement.

I grew up in a wonderful area with a lot of things to do, the reason these people complain so much is because they simply just don’t go out and do them. To highlight a couple things we have Buhl Park, a beautiful park where there are countless activities you could do, from playing ultimate Frisbee with a group that meets there weekly, to simply going on a walk. There are also many other parks and trails within driving distance. We have a ton of restaurants worth trying, bowling alleys, skydiving, kayaking, and much more (that we will highlight in a magazine we will publish later this year). In addition to this I went to a high school with a ton of activities and sports programs and music ensembles that I participated in.

I’m excited to participate in this internship with a goal of securing the future for our region. There are tons of things to do in our area, and plenty of reasons to love our area. Encouraging the Millennial generation to stay in the area and “invest” in our region will be key in our region’s future and I’m excited to hopefully have an affect on this, and in turn the area that I love.