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Initially meeting in college, Sharon and Kim set on a mission to create skincare that is good for you, the earth, and for others. They formed their company Rooted Beauty in October 2012 after discovering that their backgrounds in natural foods, beauty and social entrepreneurship along with their ideas and talents could fuse in a really dynamic way. Taking global impact seriously, they are committed to genuinely impacting the lives of women around the world. Their Woman2Woman™ project links each product they create to the project of a specific woman burdened by extreme poverty, abuse or sex trafficking. Once a project is complete, a new woman’s project will be tied to the product, creating a cycle of ongoing impact.

Brandie Gilliam: How did you come up with the name and concept for Rooted Beauty?
Kim & Sharon: When we evaluated how much disposable income goes into the western skincare industry, we saw a real opportunity to share a portion of that large number with the many women around the world in need. We wanted to create a skincare line that is healthy for consumers, conscious of the earth and helps women around the world overcome extreme poverty and trafficking. Essentially, we wanted to create a skincare company rooted in positive impact.

BG: What’s been most rewarding about starting Rooted Beauty and why?
Kim & Sharon: The most rewarding part of starting Rooted Beauty is being able to positively change women’s lives around the world through our Woman2Woman Project. It is heartwarming to get updates from our partnering organizations and hear how these women’s lives have been changed for the better because of the Rooted Beauty project fulfillments.

BG: What has been the most challenging about starting Rooted Beauty and how did you overcome it?
Kim: There have been many challenges with starting Rooted Beauty, but the commitment to our mission has enabled us to persevere and innovatively solve problems when things are not going our way.
Sharon: For me, the greatest challenge was overcoming the butterflies involved in leaping from business plan to real startup.  A concept that sounds great on paper can seem irrationally risky when real products, real lives, and real dollars are involved.  There are still roller-coaster moments, but nothing like the terrifying thrill of that initial leap!

BG: What are some of your favorite charities and why?
Kim & Sharon: We love the organizations that we work with like Daughters of CambodiaNightlight International and Harvest Bridge because they don’t simply give financial resources, but equip women to permanently escape poverty through vocational training and recovery counseling. We also appreciate micro-financing organizations such as World Vision Micro and Kiva. There are so many great organizations that are truly remarkable and these are just a few.

BG: Why does Rooted Beauty believe it’s important to be conscious?
Kim & Sharon: At Rooted Beauty, we believe it is important to be conscious because life is about more than ourselves. We want to love others as Christ loves and we want to be good caretakers of the Earth while we are on it. We feel it is our responsibility to take care of the Earth and the people in it to the best of our ability.

BG: What 3 character qualities are essential for living consciously?
Kim: Selflessness, gratitude, and love.
Sharon: Generosity, determination to look for the best in everything, and self-denying perseverance.

BG: How do you live consciously?
Kim & Sharon: By seeking to love and empathize with those around me, taking care of the things I have been given, and making informed consumer decisions.

BG: When you’re not working on Rooted Beauty, what can we most likely find you doing?|
Kim: Hanging out with my husband or family, riding my bike, exploring, playing tennis, enjoying natural beauty, journaling or drinking coffee.
Sharon: Experimenting with new recipes from around the world, running, hiking, playing the piano, or going on a new adventure with friends.

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