The tasks that kept me the most occupied this week were the interviews I was assigned to do. To me, the art of an interview is so much more than simply asking questions; It’s more about having a conversation with somebody while learning about their experiences. My last interview of the week has marked the tenth one that I’ve conducted since joining the eCenter in June and I’m not done yet. It’s quite the experience for me because I get to talk to some very interesting people who have found success from the ground up. It’s truly inspiring.

An Interview is so much more than someone’s backstory; It’s a manifesto of their life’s work. Their struggle, their rise, their success; it’s everything. I like to get that out of people when I’m interviewing them. I’m not there to simply get content, a few sentences as answers to basic questions. I want to dive deeper than that. I want to learn about somebody, not just take notes on them. That to me is what is so important about conducting an interview and why it is vital to my career.

I look forward to continuing my experience at the eCenter and hope to grow with every interview.