Student Stories
“Coming from a small school, this program is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I’ve met great friends, had unforgettable experiences, and just had a lot of fun. There isn’t a better way to spend my senior year than at the eAcademy.” Joe Mrozek

Class of 2018, Union High School

“The eAcademy allowed me to expand my skill set to carry forward into my professional career.”

Brianna Dzuricsko

Class of 2015, Hickory High School

“I was really shy. But in class no one judges you and it makes it easy to speak in front of different people.” Jess Trowbridge

Class of 2015, West Middlesex High School

“I love that this class combines learning about the business world and learning life skills that regular high school lacks. It makes me feel more prepared for life after my education.” Kristin Parquette

Class of 2017, Hickory High School

“You walk into a room filled with strangers as a dependent high school student. You walk out of the room with a new family as an independent adult.” Lindsey Polanek

Class of 2016, Commodore Perry

“This program within one week has shown me how to meet new people, learn adaptation skills quicker than high school, and build friendships that can last a lifetime.” Jaylin Archie

Class of 2015, Farrell High School

“The eAcademy is the best decision of I have made in my high school career.” Malaya Alberty

Class of 2015, Sharpsville High School

“The eAcademy has given me another family and family is everything” Gabriella Cataloni

Class of 2018, Hickory High School

“I knew my mindset was changing when I was eating cereal for breakfast in the morning and thought of 15 different ways to make my experience better. This is a great opportunity and I am more than happy to be a part of it.”

Zackary Smigel

Class of 2015, Hickory High School

“There are 37,100 valedictorians in our country and the eAcademy set me apart from them.” Brianna Papp

Class of 2017, Sharon High School

“I started in the Academy as a quiet, unsure student, but I left as a well-spoken, young entrepreneur.”

Michael Bonnett

Class of 2015, Commodore Perry High School

“The eAcademy showed me that there are truly no limitations in life. Obstacles are simply barriers created in one’s own mind that can be dissolved and help you grow to your greatest potential.” Jacob Morgan

Class of 2015, Greenville High School