My family has been doing the same vacation for over 35 years. Every year we go down to Norris Lake in Tennessee and rent a lake house. Days are filled with sleeping, eating, swimming, skiing, tubing and pretty much anything you could do on a lake. My favorite thing about this vacation though is that there is no cell-phone service, and you have to go somewhere for wifi.

Days in the real world are constantly filled with checking text messages, emails, social media, and whatever else people do on their phones and computers. No matter what you do there’s always something that can be on your mind. There are times this makes me want to just throw my phone as far as I can. This vacation allows me to basically do just that. It is wonderful. If I need to call someone I can drive 15 minutes to do so, but I don’t have to mess with it all day.

In the course of a regular day I hardly find any time to read, or just relax and literally do nothing, but in Tennessee it is actually possible that I may make it through a whole book. With our generation being used to constant connectivity to everything, I think we all need to spend some time away from it all. Believe it or not we actually do not need our phones, or the internet. Despite the many good things they can bring to business and just life, I actually think in many ways we are better off without them and value a week without them very highly.