The eCenter’s work environment is very modern and free-spirited. The interns dress in business casual, but many affiliates wear jeans and t-shirts, and even basketball shorts and tank tops. We have space to move around and work where our creativity is stimulated; we can easily collaborate with one another, or find empty space to work alone. Communication is open and encouraged amongst everyone, from the lowliest interns to the executive director. There are beautiful trails to explore during lunch breaks or after work, and even showers for cooling off after.

The freedoms that come from this style of workplace can be easily abused if we aren’t careful. The type of mentality that we sometimes adopt in our personal lives can push its way into our professional lives unless we keep it in check. While this environment is highly conducive to efficiently accomplishing projects, it also makes it dangerously easy to behave inappropriately. A small checklist worth reviewing to make sure you are exemplifying appropriate workplace etiquette is as follows:

– Appropriate Cleanliness and Dress
– Clean Language
– Positive Statements Regarding Boss
– Positive Statements Regarding Colleagues or Business Partners
– Give Credit Where Due
– Stay on Task

The general concept can be summed up in one word that you probably learned in Kindergarten and is still valuable to remember today: respect. Always give it to everyone, and act in such a way that you earn it return.