Working Alone

This past week I have been without my sales buddy. I know :'(. Anyways, it was tough to get used to, and not because I miss him and a bunch of touchy feely stuff, but because I have to go into businesses armed with everything I need to be able to sell. I don’t have someone for backup if I can’t come up with an answer, and I need to be on my game, otherwise that person probably wont be buying anything from me.

This has been good for me. I am becoming more forward and confident with the way I approach businesses and am becoming better at thinking on my feet to switch up a sales pitch if I think they may respond better to a certain way of thinking. I have also learned to have more of a plan when I am dropping in on businesses. Before I enter a business I need to figure out what I have to offer them, and why they would ever want to advertise or whatever it may be with the magazine. Every business is different and every owner is different.

Another thing I have learned is to not take things personal when you are trying to sell. Some people just want you to leave and not waste their time. Some people are even quite gruff about it. It’s nothing against me, I am asking them to give money for something, and interrupting their day.  However, there is one positive thing about people telling you they say they don’t want anything and to go away. You won’t waste your time following up with them, and you have a definite answer. I’d prefer this over someone pretending to be interested and then wasting time following up when they have no interest in buying.