Why Optimism Has Unlocked My Full Potential

Being 19, I often reflect on my mental development as I grew up; constantly searching for the answer of how I evolved into who I am today. For those who knew me growing up are often baffled by the obstacles I overcame to reach where I am today. There was once a very young and mislead adolescent that wanted nothing more than to be noticed. The crave for attention drove me down dark paths. Although, there finally came a day when I said enough was enough and ventured back into the realm of respect, peace and spiritualism.

During the time that I convinced myself that change was necessary, I coincidentally stumbled upon very beneficial tools that made changing my thought process much easier. The biggest of them all are the Law of Attraction, gratitude, manifestation, and destiny tuning. I have learned that if you exhibit a little optimism and are open to new and different ways of thinking, your life can change drastically in a positive manner.

I have rigorously implemented each of the tools listed above and many others to reach my current way of thinking. This process has taken years to integrate but the effects of utilizing these tools have drastically changed my perspective on life.

By constantly integrating:

  1. Positive words into my inner dialogue,
  2. Being able to be grateful in every situation; the good and the bad,
  3. Using visualization techniques in every aspect of my life,
  4. Tuning the frequency of my mind to that of the universe,
  5. Recognizing negative thoughts and expelling them from my mind, and
  6. Constantly building my confidence combined with all of the previous tools, I realized that anything in life is possible if you tap into your natural willpower.

All of the tools above are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything I utilize on a daily basis. Although the utilization of them play a major influence in the results I see in my everyday life. Moreover, if I didn’t harvest optimism many of these would be unreachable. In order to attain them you first must be open to the experience and want to change. In my opinion, optimism is a major key to reaching success in numerous aspects of life.

Are you intrigued about the tools I use? Please contact me to learn more!