When the summer of 2016 began, I wanted to enact new habits that would enable me to do things that people my age typically can’t do. As many techniques came to mind as I pondered this thought, and a single conversation stuck out. A few months ago, I met a man that led a very successful career and I asked him, “What did you do that set you so much farther ahead than those around you?” He sat in his seat silent for a moment and looked at me with an amicable facial expression and said “I became a master of making goals; and even better at attaining the results to make those goals possible.” After hearing this, I remember sitting in my seat thinking how easy he made his success sound.

He went on to elaborate how every day, he followed a very strict routine. It entailed reading aloud the same text each and every day. The text consisted of writing down a desired goal, the length of time you he gave himself to achieve it, and the plan in which he intend to use to reach his goal. Every day following he said he would read the text twice in the morning and twice before bed.

When you repetitively read something over and over for varied amounts of time, your mind begins to engrave that goal and aspiration into your subconscious. Every day your goal starts to become more and more tangible. You begin to see it as if it has already happened. Your thoughts begin to think it into existence. This technique is commonly known as visualization repetition.

With the attainment of the right devotion and repetition towards a goal, sooner or later you will see results towards your aspirations. The biggest reason many people fail is because they are too fast to give in. To be an entrepreneur, it isn’t a job, it’s a way of life, and it’s a passion to improve on the already existing systems. Its a dedication to set yourself apart from the masses.

I have come to learn that if you have a deep burning desire to create something of value, it is a necessity to use something such as visualization repetition. By doing so you are programming that aspiration into your mind. Every human on this planet is born with the same ability to use their mind as a powerful tool. It merely takes a significant amount of determination to overcome the norms and way of thinking that you grew up with!

Have you used a similar technique to attain your goals? Share it in the comments below!