Why Is Initiative So Crucial In Life?

I often find myself thinking about what makes people so different. How are there so many different layers of people in our society? I’ve concluded that there are numerous factors that play into this but one that I want to focus on in this blog is initiative. The motivation to stop procrastination dead in its tracks.  I have to ask myself, what are the benefits of utilizing initiative in my everyday life? The answer has become clear in my life in two categories.

First, initiative allows you to get ahead early. For example, in my freshman year of college I joined four clubs, went to two job/intern fairs, and played a sport. This all allowed me to meet people at on a fast track basis, get my resume in the hands of employers I was interested in and being in a collegiate level sport taught me how to make an efficient daily routine. All of this was due to initiative I put aside fear and took a step of faith in myself.

Second, initiative shows people your differentiation from those around you. For example, a result of me getting my resume into the hands of the employers I wanted, I got an internship coming out of my freshman year of college. For me this was a major success because traditionally juniors and seniors get internships, not people my age. Although there are many reasons I was chosen, none of it would have happened if I didn’t have the initiative to go to the internship fair in the first place.

If you never force yourself to venture into unknown areas, how are you supposed to grow as an individual? Every day we all encounter opportunities that we pass up without thinking twice about it. My challenge to you is if an opportunity takes less than five minutes to complete, do it!

Do you think initiative is important?