What The Experts had To Say

Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to spend a day in Erie, Pa at the eCommerce Day Forum. The event was hosted by the eMarketing Learning Center (eMLC) an initiative of the Ben Franklin Venture Forum. The eMLC provides professional development programs targeted to businesses and professionals. The forum had a panel of 12 CEOs that spoke on what they have utilized that gave their company an advantage in today’s fast paced world.

Optimizing every aspect of your business can be extremely hard but the outcomes are well worth it. From contacting strategies to website layout to your product appearance, everything has a best practice. Many of the experts who spoke at the forum recommended the use of platforms such as MailChimp or Bronto for ways of contacting prospects. According to Jeff McCullor, CEO of Werkbot, his company excelled much faster when they asked their audience questions to help refine their website and content.

Creating a website can be complex but some of the biggest areas to consider are creating a responsive design layout. According to Sean Michaels, CEO of Clove Technologies, when they placed a “pay now” button on the top of their webpage, they had a 45% increase in sales. Michaels said half the battle comes from making meaningful content for your audience. Once he figured out what his audience was on the search for, he was fast to incorporate it. Additionally, Google trusted stores have a reported 10% increase in sales compared to non-google trusted stores.

Once your website is tailored to your audience, creating a well thought product layout is the next step. According to Kevin Hickey, CEO of OnlineStores, having free shipping is a huge sale driver. A reoccurring way of doing such is fulfillment by Amazon or eBay. By having product reviews and ratings, zoomable images and videos, and a guided product selection, your customers will have a much better experience and will be more likely to return.

With technology evolving every day, the eCommerce world is becoming more and more important. For any business owner, it is essential to optimize not only how you contact your prospect customers by tuning your sale funnel but also by optimizing how the world sees your business online. Don’t create what you think will work best but yet create what your audience desires!