So much has happened this summer, it baffles me thinking about how fast it went and that I’m entering my senior year of college. It has been a great experience and my knowledge of entrepreneurship and business has grown a lot in the last 8 weeks.

I was looking for an interesting position this summer after spending a semester abroad and I definitely found it at the eCenter. I was able to meet so many different people and learn about so many different types of businesses by working here, it was an experience I couldn’t have found anywhere else.

I have done everything from writing annual report articles, to blogging, to helping market new businesses by creating PowToons cartoons. Whenever my Dad asks how my internship is going and what I’m up to down here, he’s amazed at the experience I’m getting and what I have been responsible for. There is no making copies of copies for eCenter interns!

Now as summer starts to come to a close I’m looking ahead to senior year and I am beginning to think about what I might do after graduation this spring! I can’t believe how fast all this time has gone, and I am really looking forward to these next two semesters!

One week left, then it’s a couple weeks off and preparing for fall semester of senior year.