Another great week here at the eCenter, and certainly a busy one! On Monday, the interns gave our first official tour of the eCenter, and, apart from Dave stealing most of my part of the tour, it went well! We were also able to finish up most of our client company interviews this week, and it was great getting to know who is hanging around the eCenter all the time! Also, knowing the companies a little better lets me know the next time we give an interview (in a couple weeks) it will go even better!

My moment of success this week was helping Community Connections come up with a new line to describe their mission: “A regional initiative to attract and retain the younger generation.” It’s simple, and I didn’t think much of it when I said it, but Kyle seemed really pleased with it. It was great to get that small feeling of accomplishment by contributing to an actual company!

I was also able to exercise some creativity this week when I came up with Anderal’s story wall idea (not approved yet though, since Anderal is off on great adventures in NYC!) and All Clear Translations’ story wall. All Clear Translations’ was especially fun, I just wrote a little fictional story of a company owner reaching out to All Clear Translations in order to improve their communication with foreign markets. But instead of all words I put in little picture for different things, like the American flag for the U.S., the Japanese flag for Japan, All Clear’s magnifying glass for their company, and a couple stick figures to represent Linda (All Clear Translations) and Bob (fictitious company owner). It makes it more interesting to read, but still explains what ACT does for anyone who takes a tour of the eCenter and sees the story wall outside Linda’s suite!

It was definitely a productive week. I’m tired though, and ready for a weekend before starting another great week here at the eCenter!