Social media…it’s really a thing

Recently, I have had the opportunity to do some social media work for the eCenter, so of course I had to write a blog post about it. There is so much thought and research that goes into formulating and implementing a social media strategy. So if the time ever comes where you need to do some social media work for somebody, here is some advice on how to proceed:

1. Research-you need to research in order to come up with a plan. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to do it at first! These things take time and it’s a learning experience. Research what the potential company’s social media pages currently look like and determine what they’re doing right and what they’re not doing right. After you establish that basis, look at the well-known companies that are doing their social media right. You might come up with a lot of ideas!

2. Brainstorm-After you have done your research, brainstorm some ideas about potential social media posts. Think about the content and images especially. We all know that social media sites like Facebook are more content based while social media sites like Instagram are more image-based. So brainstorm and run your ideas by your peers.

3. Make a plan- Initially it doesn’t have to be perfect because you have to see what works and what doesn’t for the good of the company. After you have experimented with a little bit of everything, make a concrete plan including content for posts, tweets, updates, etc. If something needs to be added in the future, you can easily adjust it.