Sitting in the locker room: Take 2

A Tornado Warning was issued at 2:30 pm on Tuesday July 14th, 2014. All the interns, as well as other eCenter affiliates, crammed into the girls’ locker room. We all patiently waited for the passing of the storm, talking about typhoons and hurricanes, and telling jokes about buffalo and bison. This wasn’t my first locker room tornado experience. My senior year of high school, during our softball playoff game, there was a tornado spotted near Penn State Behrend, which was where we were playing the game. After 3 innings, we were told it was going to storm, so we should take cover in the basketball team’s locker room. Upon arriving to the locker room, loud noises and sirens overwhelmed us; there had been a tornado spotted just a mile away. We huddled into the locker room for approximately 1 hour until the storm passed, during which time everyone was concerned about our safety. The locker room was old and worn down. The paint was falling off the walls and there were many windows, making it an unsafe shelter for an impending tornado. Water began to leak out of the ceiling within the first 15 minutes, but it wasn’t safe to walk outside to the rear building, even though that building was newly renovated and had a basement. I was soaking wet, and my softball uniform stuck to my skin. Sitting in the locker room I remember thinking that spot was utterly ridiculous, and that never again will I be taking shelter from a tornado in a locker room. While the eCenter locker room was in much better shape, and in newer condition, I had to say I was incorrect. I did again find myself sitting in a locker room waiting for a tornado to pass. With my laptop in hand I chuckled, and opened up the blog post forum. As I write this blog, I smiled because I proved myself wrong. Rethinking my logic, a locker room must be a great place to weather a storm, considering now I had sat in a locker room twice during horrible weather. Even though the stay was only for 7 minutes this time, it did keep us safe. Never again will I underestimate the power of concrete walls and lockers, since they had protected me twice now from a potentially dangerous situation.