My Weekend Plans

For this week’s blog post, I would like to tell you all about my passionate love for music.  This weekend, I will be spending my time writing some new songs to add to my collection. I want to share a sample lyric from my song, “Friend”:


Lights On, Camera Snaps. Free your mind and break the traps.

Only you can limit yourselves, only you can break the spell.

It’s a blessing, a curse, it’s the best, it’s the worst.

It’s a hex, it’s a spell, it’s heaven, it’s hell.

It’s up, it’s magic. It’s down, it’s tragic.

It’s day, it’s night, it’s black and it’s white.

I know…

I needed you, but I let go.

I’m JFK and you’re Marilyn Monroe.

It’s the fatal end for my only friend.

And you’ll never be alone.


I find inspiration is the strangest places for my music. I use a lot of twangy, muted guitars and tropical rhythms throughout my music as well as some vintage piano leads and American Civil War-style drums and snares.

I hope to someday show the world who I am through my music as well as through my photography.  I can’t wait to make my first music video because I get to combine audio and visual in unique ways.

I am fascinated by the way you can string together words to invoke an emotional response.  I hope that some day, my songs will be booming through your radio.  Until then, I will be graciously writing new songs and working on new music.

Until next time,

Connor Foley