You are sitting at your desk with lots to do when all of a sudden your boss comes in and gives you an in-depth assignment that has to be done by the end of the day. What do you do? Do you panic or do you face the challenge head on? Regardless of how you react to this unexpected news, what’s really important is that you actually get the work done. In other words, the deadline needs to be met.

Our lives are full of deadlines, from school deadlines, to work deadlines, to deadlines we just set for ourselves in general.  I have found in my short lifetime that when you’re presented with a deadline whether expected or unexpected, to not panic.  If you panic, you’re going to get so caught up in how you’re feeling that it’s going to distract you from getting the actual work done. So Rule #1: Don’t panic! Rule #2: Focus on the quality, not the quantity of your work. Quality is so important when it comes to doing a work assignment well.  I love how the other interns meet their deadlines, but at the same time do their work well. So don’t focus on how much work you have to do, focus on the quality the work you are presenting to your boss.  We all have the tendency to panic and rush when it comes to meeting deadlines, but if you follow these two rules, you will have peace of mind when that next deadline comes your way!