It’s crazy, actually. If you would’ve asked me three years ago if I would consider staying in the area after college…I would’ve laughed in your face. Now, it’s more of a realistic idea.

This week, I got to interview two guys who stayed in the area after college and have not only found success but who are also making a difference in their community. Along with these interviews and the articles I’ve been assigned to write, it has made me realize that they are opportunities out here…and the economy is STILL growing. I get a good laugh when I go back to campus at the end of the day because I tell my friends all of the venues I’ve researched and they didn’t even know they existed. I don’t know why in my three years at Thiel, I’ve never heard of half of these places but I’m glad that I can help pass the word on through this magazine. We have the opportunity to spread this knowledge to the incoming freshman who come to these small schools and are told that there’s nothing to do and promote the growth of these businesses in the process.

I’m just blessed to be a part of something so influential in the community and I can’t wait to keep learning more and more about the region.

Take Care,