As always this week was great! We gave a few more tours to different groups coming through the eCenter this week, and it is awesome seeing more people from the community come and get to know what is going on here!

Tours might be one of my favorite jobs here. This is for two reasons: I get practice speaking in front of professionals from all different backgrounds, and I love explaining what each of the companies here are. The ideas these entrepreneurs have come up with cover so many different fields; I start out talking about retaining youth in the area and end up explaining a new manufacturing technology, inbound marketing, all natural beauty products, and more–all within a few minutes! Since none of these ideas or businesses are mine, I find the tours a great way to practice effectively communicating concepts that I didn’t come up with my self. I think it’s an important skill to be able to understand what someone is telling you and then be able to relay that information to others in a way that is easy to understand. Tours are especially good practice for this since a lot of different types of people have gone on the tour. Everyone thinks a little differently and a good explanation should be understood by many different people.

Also this week, I was given a new project! I have been working on a video project for one of the client companies to attract new clients! I’ve already written the script, and now it’s a matter of using PowToons to create the short video. I can’t wait  to get going on actually making the video, and I am excited to see how the final product turns out!

This is our 5th week working here, and we only have 4 to go! I can’t believe this experience is ending so soon, but I love to look back on all that we’ve accomplished in just a few weeks. It really is amazing to see what we’ve done to contribute to businesses in this area. Just this week we were able to present market research to a group interested in starting a company, and give our own recommendations about their concept. It was a great experience to have as an intern, and I feel bad for all my peers stuck doing data entry and making copies all day at their internships!

I’m looking forward to seeing what we accomplish as eCenter interns in the next four weeks!