I love graphic design, it is my favorite past time, my passion and what I consider to be one of my greatest talents.  However, it also makes me super aware of how fast time can fly by.  One thing that I have really noticed in the past two weeks is that I spend a lot of just thinking.  I think about what to sketch for a design, I think about how to present a design, I think about how to make design comps, I think about critiques, I think about molding my designs with what the client see’s, I think about everything my professors have taught me and how I can apply it to these situations.  Clearly, I spend a lot of time thinking.

Sometimes I worry that I’m spending too much time thinking.  I worry that I’m going to waste my time and have to rust to finish things, but somehow, that never really seems to be the case.  If anything, all the time I spend thinking is making my life easier and makes me able to finish my work faster.  I like to brainstorm, I like to make lists and I like to think on things for a bit.  Although I know that I’m not always going to be able to sit and ponder things, I’m extremely lucky to be able to use my brain in such a way right now.

So now, as I sit and ponder how to end this blog entry, I get lost in a circle of thought: thinking about thinking.  And, I think that is all.