Cold Calling and walking into businesses to ask for advertising can take a little bit of courage. It especially would have been tough if I was on my own. Thankfully I had another person on sales right next to me and we just plugged away at calling, and stopping in on nearly every business we could think of in the area that we thought may advertise. This approach was definitely time consuming and not very fruitful but I can definitely say I learned a lot through it.

If you are selling, you need to talk to the person in charge of making the buying decision. So many times when we arrived somewhere we spoke to a manager or simply someone at a desk and gave them a short pitch. They responded by telling us to leave our information and they would speak with someone in charge who would then supposedly give us a call back. Needless to say,  out of all the businesses we haven’t gotten a call back yet.

Next, people need to know you’re legit, and want to see some examples. Due to the nature of being a start-up magazine we have no previous examples of the magazine, and we don’t have a ton of ways to show them that we are a legit magazine and their investment will be worth it.

Thirdly, when doing sales you need to figure out things about the person you are selling to. For example, when we are selling the magazine we need to figure out if we need to emphasize the fact that the magazine is an initiative to secure the future of our region, or the fact that this magazine can get their businesses name directly into the hands of 8,000 or so college and high school students.

I am no expert on sales by any means, but I am definitely learning a lot through this opportunity. I’m excited to learn more.