First Rooted Beauty Demo Tomorrow

So tomorrow marks the day that me and my fellow intern Emily embark on a journey to the Giant Eagle  Market District in Bethel Park to do our first ever demo for Rooted Beauty.  Are we super excited? Yes! Do we think we can do it? Yes! We’ve been practicing our pitches, getting to know the material, and corresponding with Kim, the owner of Rooted Beauty. A lot of work is going into this demo and will definitely involve a lot of preparation beforehand. We are getting up at the crack of dawn (for us college kids that’s around 6) and traveling on our merry way until we get to our destination. We have to set up the table, make it look pretty, and be ready to greet the charming customers of the Giant Eagle Market District. We get to interact with so many people who come to our table tomorrow and are interested in the Rooted Beauty cause.  Wish us luck! And pray that we don’t get lost!