Every day when I go to the store, I often sit down on a bench and just watch. Watch as each and every person walks by, learning something about them. It is intriguing how you can learn a lot about someone without even talking to them. Simply studying how they walk, where their eyes are looking, what their facial expression is, whether or not they are alert etc. The list goes on but the theory remains the same. Every human gives off thousands of signals decrypting their inner thoughts. Once you can realize this and focus in on it, you see people in a new light. Now, growing up with a Chief of Police father, I suppose I to have unknowingly adopted a heightened sense of self-awareness from him. Always being alert, always being aware of my surroundings, and always taking in people’s unsaid signals.

This sense of being aware relates perfectly with that of businessmen. Having the ability to read, interpret, and react in a way that is sometimes beneficial to yourself is a crucial skill to utilize. For example, if I am selling a fundraising coupon card, I would approach the potential customer with a story that makes them feel like buying this card will not only save them money but drastically help the cause in which I am working towards. Moreover, being able to convince people that what you’re selling is the best choice, you first must be good at detecting which way they’re leaning on the subject and prepare a concrete rebuttal.

Being good at reading people is an essential trait that many salespeople tend to master. Once you can predict how someone is going to react to what you’re trying to sell them, the tables are now in your favor. To remain one step ahead of anyone you interact with, it is very likely for the outcomes to be in your favor. Furthermore, if you can merely begin to take note of the fine details such as: clothing specific people were wearing, gestures, facial expressions, specific language, subtle noises, posture etc. you will soon see how much there is to be learned about your environment and more so, you will drastically develop a higher sense of self-awareness.

Has your mind become dull to your environment? It’s time to change that; be aware of your surroundings!