About the eAcademy

Program Overview

The eAcademy, and immersive, hands-on program that enables high school seniors to learn leadership and entrepreneurial skills, helps students from our region develop a very well- rounded mindset. The program exposes students to a network of leaders and career choices that prepare them to make life decisions based on their passion, skill sets, and goals for the future.

The eAcademy program places students in small groups with other individuals who have complementary skills and interests. Together, the students journey through the process of starting a business and learn all of the skills associated with entrepreneurship including: networking, tech development, prototyping, fiscal management, leadership, group dynamics, and so much more… all within one school year. 

Participating School Districts

Student Selection

Student participants are selected from high schools throughout the region through an interest-based application process. Selected students spend three hours a day Monday – Thursday during the school year getting trained in entrepreneurial and leadership curricula.

eAcademy participants are not limited to those just pursuing business endeavors but include students interested in a diverse range of careers, from technical trades to filmmaking, to computer science, and more.

Partnerships with local colleges and universities enable students to enroll in the eAcademy as a dual-degree program and earn credits for their participation.