David Gummel 2013As I drove up to Pennsylvania from my hometown of Springfield, Ohio a week ago, I thought through what I wanted to accomplish this summer. Number one, I wanted to increase my physical fitness. Number two, I wanted to work hard at the eCenter and go above and beyond to help Yvonne and the tenants (these are some really specific and measurable goals, right?). And third, I wanted to learn to cook for myself. Well, I will say this, I am well on my way to accomplishing number three. I had to cook almost every night this week. I had a pasta-based food on three of the five nights that I cooked for myself. Luckily, my two roommates are both excellent cooks, on a scale of one to the rat from Ratatouille, I give them an 8. So I am in good hands here.

My first week at the eCenter has been a fantastic way to start the summer. I am working with some awesome interns, in a great work environment and working with Yvonne as my supervisor. It’s pretty nice to be at the eCenter. I enjoyed many things from this first week. Most of all, I simply enjoyed interacting with others here at the eCenter. I loved to hear stories, business concepts, and how they got to the eCenter. I enjoyed helping the tenants out where I could and learning about the technologies they use and how they use them. The type of work that I am getting to do as an intern is not what I think of when someone mentions “intern work.” We are getting to interact with each tenant, and thus getting a fresh type of task each time we do something new. There is little monotony in what we have done thus far, which is something that I really appreciate. I enjoy a dynamic working environment. Such is the life of an entrepreneur.

I will say that I am honored to be a part of the first ever intern team at the eCenter. I feel somewhat of a responsibility to start some kind of an intern tradition that gets passed down  from intern to intern. There is a lot of pressure on me to make this happen. However, I am not sure if I should start a rich and meaningful tradition, such as the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley field, or if I should make it a silly and ambiguous tradition, like the students of Grove City College creeking the newly engaged guy, shouting “Wolf Creek!” all the way down to the water. At this point, I’ll take suggestions on what an appropriate tradition may be. There might be more than one, I am not opposed to that. So, that is goal number four. This being different from the others in that it is specific and measurable. We, as the first eCenter interns, either start a new traditon (or traditions) or we don’t.

Finally, there is one last goal that I would like to attain this summer at the eCenter. This goal is also specific and measurable. It is also rather silly and will be incredibly difficult to attain. Each day, after I have finished with my work for they day, I go down to the end of the long hall and use the Skilz Putting mat (pictured here) that sits at the end of the hall.Now, you must understand, I love to mini-golf. I think it may be my best sport. Two summers ago, I played nearly 30 rounds of mini-golf in two months. All of it was played on the same 18 holes, the famous Youngs Jersey Dairy “Greener Pastures” Course in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This is an incredibly difficult 18 hole, par 40 course. My best is a 44, which I shot the last time I played. Through my rigorous yet enjoyable training, I have developed exceptional putting skills. Our putting mat is only 9 feet long and one foot wide. I went 10 for 10 from 8 feet on the first day. Friday, I decided to putt from off the green and try to putt from the concrete floor, up onto the green and into the hole. Sean and I putted from a distance of about 15 feet. I sunk the first putt. I figured it was beginners luck. Then I moved back to the Rooted Beauty suite and putted from there. I made it on the first try as well. It was probably about 25 feet. Then I went back to Guava box, which was maybe another 5 feet or so. I got it on the third putt. The sensation that comes with making a long putt is so exciting. Thus, Sean and I have made the goal to make a putt from every suite in the hall. It will get exponentially challenging as we move further back down the hall, but I love a good challenge. And this certainly is a good one.

So those are a few of my goals for the summer. I hope to continue to get to know everyone here at the eCenter, and I really look forward to a great summer. I have a fantastic group of people that work with me here, a great environment in which to work, and a 4.25 inch hole at the end of the hall that needs me to make a putt from 100 feet.