So, we’ve all been given the task of these weekly blog posts.  For a class assignment or for a job, such as this, where you are supposed to be growing and learning from your experiences, I get it.  What I don’t get is why people blog about their lives just like they are writing in a diary and then post it to Facebook or some kind of social media for all to see.  I really don’t understand what the attraction is to documenting your life or all to see.  With that being said, I think its kind of obvious that I don’t like blogging.

I’ve never been one for talking about my feelings, or writing down my emotions, or really posting to social media.  Even for this blog post, when I sit down to think about it every week, I think about how I can make it something that everyone will think about, not about how something is affecting me.  Yes, I have said some personal things in it, but it gives me a weird feeling to just sit here and type about myself.

If you’re in a foreign country, studying abroad and documenting your travels, I get it.  If you are doing a job and documenting what you are going through is something that can help the kids that will come after you, I get it.  If you are taking a social media class and need to learn to blog, I get it.  But please, don’t explain your life story or share all your emotions and then put in on social media.  Odds are only your very best friend and  your parents are reading it anyways.

To end my blog about a blog, I don’t like to blog.

And there is your daily dose of Emily’s sass!