Starting a new job means meeting new people.  And spending all of one’s time with those people means that one had better get along with them, or life is going to become miserable.

First impressions are key in making everyone in the workplace feel more comfortable, but continuing those relationships is key to promoting efficiency amongst one another.  The best workplace is one in which members work as a team; some jobs need to be completed independently, but others are done much faster or better when collaboration is involved.

At the eCenter, a team is forming.  Every intern brings a different set of skills and talents to the table, and the value of each is becoming more and more obvious as the team works together.  This would not be possible without the openness of the eCenter; that is, that the work environment is open, more so than the facility.  When there is a standard for communication amongst employees, each feels that his or her input and feedback is more appreciated and valued.  Open communication lays the foundation for trust, which in turn encourages employees to exercise their creativity and use it to benefit others; in this environment, the creative spirit flourishes, and workloads are no longer a burden because they can be shared. When a team is built, members are more interested in meeting end objectives together, rather than accomplishing all the tasks assigned alone.