Did 10 weeks really just go by that quickly? It seems like just last month I was sulking about my beloved Indiana Pacers loss at the hands of the Miami Heat on the first day of this internship. That was all the way back in on June 3, when the internship began.  I guess it would be appropriate to say that time flies when you’re having fun right?

This internship has been a great experience. It has been wonderful to work with all of the entrepreneurs at the eCenter. We had a number of projects for the clients this summer. We researched texting and driving, we did the STEAM Challenge (now called Entrepreneurship Academy@LindenPointe), the story walls, the annual report articles, and other projects from this summer.

For me personally, it seemed like I had maybe two or three because for the second half of the internship my primary task was writing the business plan for Sam Frazier. Through this experience alone, I learned a lot. I have never written a business plan before. It gave me the opportunity to learn by doing. Although learning by doing is how it is for many entrepreneurs. I’m not sure Yvonne knew that I had never written a business plan before, but looking back on it, I think that she was aware of it. Entrepreneurs have to learn on the fly. That’s exactly what I was doing with the business plan. Yvonne knew exactly what she was assigning to me when she did. Thanks Yvonne. I had to learn by doing, just like any entrepreneur would.

I really enjoyed my time here at the eCenter. The other interns and I had a lot of fun in the process. Remember those goals that I set all the way back in week 1? Well, I did increase my physical fitness. However, my lower back has been causing me trouble lately. I also feel like I did work hard this summer as well. The third goal was to learn how to cook. I did that. I very much enjoy cooking for myself now. I made everything from chicken cordon bleu, to orange chicken stir fry, to Cincinnati style 5 way chili this summer. That fourth goal was to start a new intern tradition. Did we accomplish that? Well, that is for me, the current interns, and the future interns to know. My final goal from the first post was to make putts from the various places in the main hallway. Well let’s just say, that I never made a putt from farther than past Anderal’s suite… But then again, I never really tried to putt from any further than that either. I lost interest.

I don’t have any wise words to pass on or anything like that. But I will say this: You can learn a lot from being on the ground with entrepreneurs and asking lots of questions. It’s been great eCenter. I’ll see you around.