About the eCenter


The eCenter’s mission is to create a supportive entrepreneurial environment that inspires competition, excellence, and prosperity in the region.

The eCenter is home to individual company suites, collaborative co-working space, outdoor networking terrace, and professional conference room.

The eCenter maintains the eAcademy and College Connector Program to invest in the future talent of the region. The eAcademy provides local high school seniors with a unique, school year long, immersive experience to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as the confidence to be successful in an ever-changing, global economy.

The College Connector Program provides local college graduates employment opportunities through various industry  events held at the eCenter.

Sustainable Facility

The eCenter facility was designed with sustainable features in building design, construction, and programming. These features qualified the eCenter to be the first LEED-certified building in Hermitage and the first LEED-certified office building in Mercer County.

The site was designed to preserve and maximize open green space, utilize native, drought-resistant landscaping, and control storm-water runoff. Tree canopies provide shade, reduce noise, provide wildlife havens and improve air quality.

  • Preferred parking for fuel efficient vehicles and car/van pools.
  • Conveniently located bike racks.
  • Shower/locker rooms available inside.
  • A rain garden contributes to controlling stormwater run-off.
  • Outdoor networking terrace with cascading waterfall and reflective pool.
  • Water saving fixtures use over 36% less potable water than conventional fixtures.
  • Only non-ozone-depleting refrigerants utilized.
  • Reduce 34% of energy use through reflective (cool) roofs.
  • Exterior sunshades.
  • Energy efficient window/entrance frames/glazing.
  • Geothermal HVAC system.
  • Outside air delivery monitors.
  • High efficiency lighting fixtures and occupancy sensors.
  • Over 75% of construction debris was recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • Over 30% of construction materials were manufactured regionally.
  • Recycling centers are located inside and outside the eCenter.
  • Sustainable lumber, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, used in wood doors and cabinetry.
  • Construction material included over 35% recycled material content, reducing the impact of extracting material.
  • Low emitting materials utilized, promoting a healthy environment.
  • Eye level windows permit optimal natural light and a view of the outdoors.
  • Each incubator lab individually controlled with digital monitoring of its electric usage.
  • Carbon Dioxide Sensors Fabric ductwork utilized for hygienic and acoustical benefits.
  • Polished concrete flooring for durability.

LindenPointe Business Campus

LindenPointe is a 115-acre innovative business campus with a “campus-like” environment differentiates LindenPointe from other real estate developments.

Running and cross-country skiing trails flow throughout the campus, which allow for a truly balanced lifestyle between work and outdoor activities.

The campus is home to a branch of Butler County Community College, the Training Workforce and Development Center, the eCenter@LindenPointe, and the CHIP Building ‘Flex Facility.’

Room Reservation

For corporations and small businesses, we offer a selection of meeting rooms available for rent. These rooms range from small meeting rooms, conference rooms, and training facilities.

If you are a non-profit and would like to hold a community/startup event in our facility, please connect with us for additional information.